Thomas & Betts #XC220SC100CP 100PK 3/8×1/2 Connector

Armored, set screw type. 1/2” knockout, 3/8” trade size. Die cast zinc. UL listed. Not for use with aluminum armored cable.
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What Are Some Tactics Artists Will Use To Sell Art Online?

First of all, let’s look into some of the important things about selling art online for the artist. Whether you are an experienced artist or a new person in the area, it is crucial that you know the way to showcase yourself in an productive and effective way to help you maximize your prospective gross sales and still have spare time for the things you love most, including crafting art work. If you decide to sell art online, you may be exposing yourself to a whole new form of exposure! Gone are the days for those who needed to sell a bit of your own soul and allow more hours than you might like to your physical gallery in order to get your hard work on display in that location; alternatively you can have the possibility to set your own prices and your private hours whilst communicating with consumers directly. For most artists it’s better to sell art online and publicize/share his or her works for purchase than it will be whenever they were doing so ‘by hand’ using conventional methods similar to collection shows, along with art work shows or exhibits. These are even now fantastic strategies to obtain neighborhood exposure, nonetheless envision having a significantly broader crowd while you sell art online. Incorporate the latest and greatest of instruments that are offered only in a virtual setting, and there are plenty of good reasons to sell art online!Sell Art Online And Communicate With A Broader Target AudienceA problem that’s long affected artists is a way to advertise their own work. Ahead of the advance of cyberspace the more usually acknowledged conventional methods had been the only way to really have almost any chance of creating a sales agreement. Even with a collection and making sure your work was displayed there seemed to be no warranty except if you had a prime place around the major highway in the town or city in which you were located, and even then unless of course you actually are residing in the leading town heart there’s a chance that nobody near you meet the expense of your artwork whatsoever. Seeing that you possibly can sell art online you have the possibility to touch a significantly bigger market as anybody who will be able to connect to the online world and look at the text your websites are coded in could view your artwork and get in touch with you when they are fascinated by buying one thing. Even more presence causes it to be more often than not that you will reach the focus of an individual that is fascinated by your style of work, with the accurate marketing/promotion prepare this might indicate additional income in the future.It Is Actually Simpler To Sell Art Online Than Ever BeforeIf you are an artist who wishes to sell art online, it is vital that you choose and learn to make use of the strength of the net and turn it in your greatest interest. The best dynamic selling and showcase tools open to artists that can help them sell art online is undoubtedly social networking. We don’t mean just go subscribe to each social media or book-marking page you’ll find because this won’t help you to sell art online, instead opt for two to three providers you care about and believe you are able to communicate with the market via and build profiles there. In particular ensure you are not biting off more than you can chew from maintaining lots of user profiles lively and modifications; when you can just take good care of only one at this time, one user profile that is definitely working and up-to-date is preferable to three that happen to be merely maintained at occasional time intervals.SEO (search engine optimization) can also be something that you might make use of with the intention that your current website page is showing up superior at the results generated by search engines like Google and yahoo when an individual researches something on-line. Making sure your internet site is well enhanced as well as your outlines of your art seem to be as in-depth as feasible is a method to make this happen, and the other technique is to go to some other web sites and weblogs as well as leaving valuable commentary there and if possible link back to your personal web-site to read more. On balance, if you sell art online you make it entirely possible that individuals near you as well as over and above your local area to recognize the value of your art work, talk about it with their close friends, and contact you if they’re fascinated by getting a bit of your work.Selling art online is quickly overtaking more conventional strategies as increasing numbers of artists understand the rewards and values after they make the decision to sell art online. Not only can they not waste time to invest in other things for example creating art pieces, they’re also presenting to customers the fact that they intend to make the shopping and buying dealings much better for him or her on top of that. Due to sophisticated electronic display screen equipment like three-dimensional simulations of conditions where art work can be displayed (picturing it on the wall surface on-screen as a substitute for solely in your thoughts) or being able to zoom in in addition to away on an article make it easier than any other time for your buyer to have a concept of the way your work matches their lives. And since they can contact you specifically, there may be a lot more prospective for you to sell art online; in spite of everything you have management of everything from the cost to the shipment technique which means that you can acquire the most appeal for your work and make certain it will make it securely to its location. What is not to appreciate? Try out selling art online and go through the big difference immediately!

Curvy Tankinis: Plus Size Swim-Wear Choice for 2006

So what do you look for when looking at plus size swim-wear? What I usually look for first and foremost is comfort. I go to the beach to relax therefore I definitely want swim-wear that I can easily move around in and which fits nicely.Another vital element is support. Besides needing swim-wear which gives good bust support (we must protect our bosoms ladies) I also need tummy and butt support. What do I mean? Basically my chosen plus size garment needs to hold my tummy well, so that it’s nicely rounded and is not falling all over the place! Same principle applies to the curvy bottom really.Last but not least, my chosen swim-suit definitely needs to be stylish and sexy. We all want our curves to look good when we stroll around on the beach. We should make the most of our curves, therefore a sexy and stylish plus size swim-suit is a must.All the above are the things I look for when choosing swim-wear, and that is why this year I am opting for the plus size Tankini, because I believe it satisfies all the above criteria, and passes our plus size swim-wear test with flying colours.The Tankini swim-suit style is made up of a two-piece garment. The top of the Tankini gives great support; it usually comes in without foam cups or under wires, giving you a smooth and yet comfortable and supportive result. Other variants of course are available, including under wire and cups.The bottom part of the Tankini can be either a skirt or shorts; I have even come across variations of the Tankini which come with a skort bottom, therefore the choices are really vast and will satisfy everyone’s tastes and needs. The skirted Tankini provides great coverage for fuller thighs, so we can easily hide those bits which we aren’t particularly fond of easily, yet still feel comfortable, stylish and sexy.Available at the leading plus size clothing stores this season, are some highly stylish Tankinis which you can choose from. Torrid, for instance, have one of the greatest selections I have seen so far this year which will definitely appeal to the young and young at heart. Vibrant colors and patterns dominate the Tankini collection at Torrid, which ensures that what you choose will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. For the more conservative types I would suggest paying Zaftique and Junonia a visit for some great choices and toned down versions of our chosen plus size swim-suit; plain colors and also floral patterns can be found here.We definitely suggest equipping yourself with a fashionable Tankini this summer. You will definitely look stylish, you accentuate your curvy body, but most importantly you will feel at your most comfortable strolling around on the beach and hitting the waves.

Embrace The Cloud (Where It Suits You)

Are you ready to embrace “The Cloud”. There are some super opportunities for most of you. But there are some pitfalls of which you should be aware.When talking about your IT infrastructure, what is The Cloud?Ask 100 people and you will probably get 100 different answers. I think of it as utilising your own or another business’ facilities to address your needs over the Internet. Commentators refer to private (your own) and public (someone else’s) Clouds, but I don’t want you to get hung up on semantics at this early stage.What Opportunities Exist? It is simpler to provide you with some specific names to investigate,so I will break with my normal practice of avoiding application names so you can do some research on your own to build your knowledge about just what you might find to suit your needs.Managed Sales has been around for many years now and is used by all sorts of businesses which have an active sales force to better manage this resource. It allows sales people to organise their clients and prospects, their diaries and follow ups, their potentials and leads, and, because it is a Cloud application, it can be done from just about any Internet connected device.Manage Documents.Worldox has recently released a Cloud based document management system where documents are hosted and managed in their data centre. Users have the same rich Worldox experience, regardless of where they are located, for a modest monthly fee.Create and Edit Documents.So now, you can also look at the new Office 2013 which also has Cloud capabilities and save your files using Worldox, with both applications being hosted elsewhere. Your documents could be saved locally with Office 2013 and you could use a local version of Worldox to save the files. Very flexible.Rent you Internet Security Application.Anti virus and Internet Security vendor Sophos now has a Cloud version to protect you from the Internet invaders like viruses, malware and spam. Using Sophos Enterprise under the Managed Service Provider program will provide you with excellent protection offered as a Cloud application.Backup Off SiteSuitably setup providers can now manage your daily backups for you. I guess most of you do it yourself now, but when something goes wrong, how often is the corrupted or deleted file missing? Too often by my calculation.With Cloud solutions offering a far more comprehensive result than most small besinesses can afford, the provider can ensure the backup is happening as it should and often provide the opportunity for many tens backup points rather than maybe four or even less with a lower cost solution.Clouded E-mailThere are opportunities to purchase services in the Cloud which provide MS Exchange mail services, a backup (redundant) Exchange server, database servers or just about any other service you can think of.So What?This list above is just a taste to whet your appetite. The savings may be profound. But is is important that you evaluate all your systems before jumping on board any Cloud solution.Tasks that readily lend themselves to running in the Cloud are applications which place a peak load on your infrastructure but which do not interface with your other systems. You can buy the server and Internet capacity you need from an external supplier and run such an application in the Cloud for a few dollars and not place a load on your infrastructure which it cannot easily accommodate. Alternatively, you could avoid having to boost your infrastructure’s capacity by not trying to run these peak load applications in house.Where applications are closely integrated, you must be wary of attempting to run any one of them in the Cloud on its own. Your Internet connection may well become flooded as data moves from your in-house server to your Cloud server and back, causing problems with the job you are running and restricting performance to other in-house Internet users.So, what is the plan of action?Call in your IT people and discuss with them your Cloud aspirations. With their assistance, identify applications that can be run in the Cloud without directly affecting the performance of other in-house applications.Alternatively, consider moving all your applications to the Cloud if they are suitable and dismantling your in-house setup.Identify a suitable Cloud service provider and assess the cost involved with running your applications off site. In most cases, your costs will be a monthly fees covering applications and hardware usage, so it becomes a straight forward cost to the business rather than needing to depreciate the capital cost over a period.Also, most Cloud hosts will provide a simple and cost effective plan which allows you to add to or subtract from the number of users, mail boxes or whatever as your business needs fluctuate.Run some performance testing to ensure the change of location will not cause effectiveness issues.Write a plan and stick to it.This is a short essay based on my personal experience with setting up Cloud environments and remote hosting. Its aim is to let you know that it can be done, but not every application and circumstance should be shoehorned into a Cloud environment. With care, you can probably shrink your internal infrastructure, get a more flexible system running and save some money.What more can you ask. Life is simpler and costs are down, but work goes on apace. Magic!

The Urgent Versus The Important: Urgent Wins Hands Down Every Time

Do you know anyone not rushing about regularly? Even teenagers attending school have joined the daily mad dash. Social networks, video games, and other activities have overtaken their lives. Excellent tools such as iPhones, iPads, and other gadgets with potential to help organize our priorities now drive busyness; we are slaves to these tools.After getting out of bed each morning, how long before you check your email, Facebook account, Twitter, or other site? I know; it is a struggle to leave the email, iMessage, or other communication tool until a set time you decide in advance.What are we going to do about this? We cannot continue with this busyness. It causes stress, leads to heart problems, inefficiencies, ineffectiveness, family challenges, and leaves folks unfulfilled while running around chasing their tails. Sure, we know we must distinguish between the urgent and important and work with priorities; however, how do we build these ideas in our day to get rid of the continuing stress? Folks tell me, they just don’t have time to stop?Think about it; we don’t have time! What a silly phrase we accept so we can deflect the problem from the main cause: me, you, each of us; it’s nobody’s fault but our own.Let me share what you know already, probably in a different form which, by God’s grace, might get your attention. We need to understand and develop working approaches to deal with the urgent and the important.The UrgentMany times the urgent appears convenient requiring little time, no preparation, and is one-off. Why not attend to it now? Several “convenient” urgent interactions will slaughter your priorities because each will require more time that you anticipated.We must identify and respond to urgent situations on our terms. Typically, the urgent means somebody is imposing on our time: boss, spouse, children, colleague, friend. The challenge is how to distinguish to which urgent items we should respond. Essentially, which imposition we must accept, and which we will choose to take. Here is my simplistic three-step suggestion.First, accept you can choose to reject many urgent requests.Second, decide that your default reaction to the discretionary urgent will be inaction. To help decide your final action, ask: what’s the result if I ignore this now? The phone is ringing at supper with your wife. You hear the email ‘dinging’ sound. Your colleague opens your office door unannounced with a ‘problem.’ Train yourself to process these from your default position in less than a minute, and learn when to say no, and when to say not now.Beware; there are non medical emergencies that suck you into action; they are disguised urgencies. Ask the same questions as before. You can plan to deal with many of these emergencies. You know they will happen, but you don’t know when: the car will need tires, need maintenance; the fridge will break. You can set aside funds for them regularly, and when they happen, a lack of funds won’t create an emergency. Do preventive maintenance, save systematically to repair and replace cars, stoves, and so on.Third, accept your seductive gadgets-phones, tablets, video game consoles-and social network sites, are significant time wasters. You can conquer these only if you decide never to use them unless you work for time. You must learn when to work for time and when to work for task. You work for time when you set specific start and end times for emails, Facebook visits, Twitter tweets, or other activities. You work for task when you work until you complete the job fully or until you decide to stop.Meetings are another urgent impostor. They devour time and lead you to conclude, “I don’t have time,” which is absurd. Always set start and end times, and prepare an agenda for each. Most meetings waste time, but nobody champions meetings’ eradication. Sometimes when an organization has too many people, one way to pass the time is to meet often.Watch out; the urgent is seductive, often appearing to need a little time and demanding minimal input.The importantUsually inconvenient and needs planning, the important is not as attractive as the urgent. Here is where your gadget tools can help set priorities. The important will need thought, reflection, and might give the impression you are not busy: you are not rushing about putting out fires. Unlike the urgent which is reactive, this is proactive. I think this is the significant reason people gravitate to the urgent and away from the important.Here is my three-step suggestion to work with the important.First, do not work with a to-do list. Have a list of projects from which daily you take at least one item and slot in your day timer. Set a specific time daily when you will meet with you to work on priorities. Do not accept calls or interruptions. Let others know this is your time; tell them you are dead. Something comes up, tell them they need to ask: what would they do if you were dead? Do it!Second, daily, look one week ahead to see how your schedule is going and what might need deferring to a precise later date to stay with current priorities. Identify specific projects, meetings, and affected parties and reschedule to a later time.Third, schedule your day with breaks between meetings and activities. Leave time in between for reflection and recharging, and to return important calls.SummaryYou have a choice. Continue rushing about; eventually you might get a heart attack, become a poor role model, or lose your job for ineffectiveness. Alternatively, decide to move away from allowing the often easy to handle urgent to the important that requires thought and reflection at a slower pace. You might do more productive and meaningful work in less time!Copyright © 2013, Michel A. Bell